Monday, August 4, 2014

Giveaway Winner and Monday Made It-August

I have been super busy this week and I am thrilled to share what I have been doing. 

First though, I have to announce the winner of my summer giveaway! 

Congratulations Lori, I have sent you an email about how to claim your prizes! 

And now, time to link  with Tara for this week's Monday Made It of course! 

I had this giveaway for my 400 follower and Blogiversary. 
Well, when I started planning in early July, I had a little over 400, and yesterday,
 I received THIS email from Bloglovin'

Seriously? I am speechless that I "MADE IT" to 500 followers! 

And yes, I have to celebrate, but I have to get through this giveaway and the TpT sale. So be sure to stay tuned! I am trying to be creative with my giveaways, so I need some brainstorming time! 

My second "made it" is what my husband and I made for our 9th anniversary date last week. 
The 9th anniversary gift is pottery, so he took me to a ceramic place near our home and we made this bowl together. We have done this before, but this is the first time, we shared a project. 

Of course, I LOVE IT!!!! 

I teased about this product I was working on last week. It became a monster, 
but I am happy with it. 
Texas K-8 Math Standards are completely new this year. I made these cards for 6th-8th to put up daily or weekly on my agenda/objective board. 

And since it was ready, I printed and laminated mine. 
I teach 6th advanced which means I need 6th AND 7th grade TEKS. 
Then I found this to store them in. 

Tabbed by color 
Now I am organized and ready to switch out as needed. 

Another product I revamped were my skill cards
I went ahead and printed these and laminated them as well. 
I bet you can guess what I am doing next? 
Yep, it involves scissors! 

I purchased it last week and made it as well. 

It will be an instant bulletin board when I get into my classroom soon. 
Sudoku Interactive Bulletin Board
Click here to get your own. 

And I am sure you won't, how could you? But, don't forget the big BACK TO SCHOOL SALE is going on today and tomorrow over at TpT.
Be sure to visit my store, everything is on sale!!! 

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  1. OMG, that sudoku BB is genius! A nice change from a Boggle board!

  2. I love that you went and decorated pottery together - very romantic for your 9th anniversary!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. congats on the 500 mark! I made the 50 the other day and it feels great! I love the pottery...super sweet and a great memory I am sure!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out about the Sudoku board!

    Teaching High School math