Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It- August 8th

We are in San Antonio today. We are using our last vacation day to visit my son's ear doctor. 

I was hoping to have more Monday Made It's for today, but since I have procrastinated ALL summer and waited until I am busy, things are not as done as I wanted. 

First, I printed some task cards and got them labeled. 

Second, uh... hmm... uhh... this is where I fall short. 
I have started two, three, four projects and dad-gummit, they are not done!!!! 

I teased with these on my Wordless Wednesday post. 
They aren't ready yet. 
They are going to be painted and something glued to them. 
Hmmm... any more guesses? 

I also started this wreath after seeing Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden make a super cute one last week. Well, I have a ways to go.... 

I wrote this post before our trip, and felt guilty. I really wanted to get more done. 
So, I made this clock late Friday night. 
I love it!!! 
I have made clocks before. 
Click here to see those.
I love this lime green one though. 
These clocks are cheap, like $4. 
Then I used clip art and cute fonts, made up equations and DONE! 

So, this is MMI for me. I apologize for having unfinished projects, but this is still keeping me motivated! 
I am off to get these projects completed to share soon!!!! 

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  1. Loving the clock and the fact that you have DIYs in progress! I can't tell you how many I have around here.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  2. I absolutely love your clock. It is perfect!

    Fit to be Fourth