Sunday, September 9, 2012

MS-Sunday Funday- Favorite Math Class Game

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Now for Sunday Funday

Today's topic: Favorite Math Class Game

My first reaction was I can't just name one. I love teaching Math through games. It's how I taught for 17 years in elementary. Then I moved to middle school and for some reason I didn't. (I really just want to forget last year) This year though, I am bringing them back. I know kids like games. I know they learn and remember this way. I teach a Math Lab class this year. It is for students who did really poorly on the state test. It's their second math class of their day. Some of them, I have already seen in "regular" math each day. We teach the same topics, but we focus more in depth on the major topics for 6th grade. We do this through games. This past week my students played multiplication war and Math Uno.

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 I love cards. I love dice. There are so many math concepts that can be learned using them. If I had to pick, I could use dice and cards and create many games.

Luckily, I don't have to settle. I bought this resource
 from Laura Candler. It is awesome for this type of class. I highly recommend it.

I also wrote a grant on Have you heard of it? No, well, click on over there and learn how you can create a grant and anyone can donate for your cause. I wrote one and one month later, it was fully funded. My students LOVE the games purchased from this grant.

Here is one of the games we received, Smath. It's kind of like scrabble. It is awesome and fun.

I also like playing games in my regular math. One I particular like is I Have, Who has?. Last year I created one for our math vocabulary. (Click for that game) I loved the review it gave our kids. The kids liked it so much and made a competition between classes.

I can't pick just one, heck I could list a bunch more right now. What I do know is, kids love games, and games help my students learn and give them a love of learning. I have heard several comments from students like this, "Oh, this is fun." or "I like Math", or "This is my favorite class". These are things that make me remember why I chose teaching and why I chose to try middle school again.

Can't wait to see what everyone else is sharing today. I love adding to  my collection of games.


  1. Thanks for the resource book! How do you play multiplication war and math Uno? I love Uno but would like to make it more challenging for my middle school students.

    1. Multiplication War is in the resource book. The students just turned two cards over and multiplied. The winner kept the cards. We kept the face cards and aces in so we could X by 11, 12, and 13.
      Math Uno was turning over 3 cards and trying to get the greatest number possible by adding or multiplying. I think a team mate found it on Pinterest, but I couldn't find it when I looked. I will try again though.

    2. I found the recording sheet for Math uno... I added a link to it so you can get it for free!


  2. I just found the resource book for only 12.95 and you can just download the pdf! Thanks so much for the suggestion! It is here if anyone else is interested.