Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student Work- Math About Me

I am sooo busy, and I want to link up to everything, but its impossible.

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I have decided to post about what I am most proud of from the first week of school.

 I have posted about the Math About Me Silhouettes I was going to do this year before. Well, they turned out FABULOUS!!! I shared mine with my kids and they learned so much about me in a fun way.

They were excited to do their own. It was a homework assignment because we just didn't have time to do it in class.
I have over 100 kids that were given this assignment.

I received over 100 of them!!! Seriously, that has never happened. They were even out for our open house.

The quality was pretty good. I did notice I have some things to teach my kids about correct equation writing, but this was a good informal assessment as well.

I also learned my kids have a lot of roosters and animals in general. I have a lot of ESL students too and this was a very telling assignment.
Here's just a few!

I loved that they used Roman Numerals!

 I will definitely do this assignment again!