Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Power Point Games

Looking for pre made, FREE, games to play with your students?

Check out uncw.edu/EdGames

This website has PowerPoint activities ready for you to use. You have to do NOTHING!!! Our service coach shared it to help us make reviewing more fun. It was awesome. All you have to do is start the slide show and your kids are having fun!

My students had a test last week. They did a boring study guide review for homework. The next day, in groups, they shared the answers they got and why. Lots of math talk going on people. Then, I shared the right answer. If the team got it right, they got to spin the wheelimage of big wheel game
 or click on the sunken treasure. image of sunken treasure game
It just depends what game I chose. I used the Promethean board for the game and flipped back to the overhead to show the work for the problem. It worked really well and I know the kids had fun and reviewing for a test was not the same old boring worksheet way.

And, there's a new Halloween game up and ready to use!!!!

image of Trick or Treat  screen

Hope you can use them!

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