Monday, October 15, 2012

Order, Please!

"I'll take a Mighty Kids, 6 piece chicken nuggets and a Happy Meal 4 piece chicken nugget..."

Oh wait, wrong kind of order.

We just wrapped up our unit on Order of Operations. I love, love, love this unit. I think it is fun to do. I think it makes sense and I think it is a blast to teach.

I was able to incorporate so many "hands-on" activities and games and cooperative grouping that kids enjoyed learning a new concept. I love that I will have some "go-to" activities when we have a free moment (kind of laughable, I know) or something for the unexpected substitute day.

 As I was planning, I found a worksheet from last year. It was pretty good, but I thought, "This is boring as a worksheet" So, as I was lying in bed working (yes, I do that much to my husband's displeasure). I created a hands on activity based on the worksheet.

Then, the night before we did the activity, I thought, wait, it will be even better for the kids to manipulate the numbers and symbols. So, I quickly wrote them out.

It was awesome! I heard such good remarks from my students. I heard,. "This is hard." I heard, "Oh, this way" "No, wait, this way." When they would find the order, they would be so excited. It was challenging. It was engaging. It made me happy, and in middle school you know that is a good thing.

I had 8 problems. I made two sets since my students work in pairs. Each set is colored so they don't get mixed up. I gave one problem to each pair and placed the extras on two separate tables. Students were able to work at their own pace. There was a lot of activity in my room, but it worked.

 And yes, students figured out various ways to make the answer! LOVE IT!!!

Here's the problems if you want to try this activity as well.

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  1. Great activity and definitely see myself using it with a few groups of students.