Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sub Plans- MS Sunday Funday

After teaching for 17 years in elementary, I feel I am pretty anal about sub plans. Back then, I felt I had to write every step out. And, I did. When to line up, when to sit on the carpet, when to go back to their seats, etc...
I got good notes back from subs, but it was exhausting.

Last year when I started middle school, I didn't know any other way. The difference was, I taught the same thing six different times. All I had to write was "same as". It was pretty cool.

I have the basics in a folder. It has class lists, seating charts, schedules, teachers that can help, behavior issues, my rewards program, stuff like that.

Before I am out, I write everything out. I leave examples, I am anal. Not sure that will ever change. I did try and do a "fun" activity the first time I was out and it was a disaster. Now, I do a worksheet. My students sit with partners so I still allow it to be "cooperative", but no  more cutting and gluing when I am gone.

I also had a HUGE talk with my classes about expectations when I am gone. The first time, they were AWFUL! The second time, I had a very few names left for me and I took care of those individually. But as a whole, they were FABULOUS!

I also know that sickness with my small children happens unexpectedly and writing everything out is impossible. Thankfully I live very close to my school. So, I can run up to school and get things prepared quickly if the unexpected happens.

My school also has a procedure for this. We are a small community and more than half our staff are commuters. We had to put together "Emergency Sub Plans". We each have a binder and we had to put our schedule, class lists, etc... in them along with an assignment for the sub to complete with the students. It is busy work, I admit that, but it keeps order and sometimes that is important as well. Our secretary keeps them and in case the sub has nothing left by the teacher, she or he will have work for the classes.

Another note about subs: When I find one I know can handle my classes, I request them whenever possible. I always feel so much better when I have to be out.

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  1. I could have written this blog almost word for word, we have a lot in common, except I haven't taught Elementary and I don't have kids, BUT I am overly anal with my plans for my 8th graders. I live 5 min from my school too and will go there to finish it all up if necessary. This year I have been out twice and first time went okay, second time they were worse (not a good sub). Wish I could pick our subs! Why do kids always have to "test" the subs?