Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Can Take the Teacher Out of Elementary, but You Can't Take the Elementary Out of the Teacher

Wow, what a long title.

But so true!

This is my second year in middle school. I spent 17 in elementary and most of that in primary. So, this middle school gig is OUT OF THE BOX for me.

I can honestly so I am enjoying it this year.

So much is different in middle school. of course, the students, that goes without saying. But the teachers are different. It's just a different breed that teaches older kids.

One thing that is really different is bulletin boards and door decorations. It just doesn't happen in middle school.

I shared about our door contest earlier. Those decorations will stay up all year for most and when stuff gets ripped or falls off, it could possibly stay that way. I don't know why, it just does.

Well, my door got ripped big time. I knew it would. I had 3D boxes on it. It was a matter of time.

Good timing it was, so I changed my door decorations.

Our school colors are purple, heck our whole town is purple, and we didn't have green paper so my monster is purple.

My students LOVED it. Someone comments everyday! Even the other teachers say great things. My neighboring teachers said they may even change their doors. I hope so. I love Halloween!!

My monster makes me smile!

Oh, and yes, I saw him on Pinterest last year. I made this one on my front door. My own children loved it!

                                                                Happy Door Decorating!

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  1. We did this at my school too! I too, am a middle school teacher with an elementary heart.