Monday, December 10, 2012


We have to celebrate this date. This is cool and it is not going to happen again in our lifetime.

In middle school though, we don't veer from what we are teaching. At least, not often. If we are honest though, we veer for testing, a lot of testing! Next week, we have three days of testing. I decided the kids can handle a break on this day and have some fun. .We can use what they have learned this year to celebrate a unique date. 

So I am veering on 12-12-12. I found a Christmas related activity and wanted to use it. It worked out that its about the 12 days of Christmas song. And today is all about the number 12!!!!

Which I might add is my most favorite number, being part of the 12th Man from Texas A&M!!! Whoop!
Home of the newest Heisman Trophy winner.

Okay, back to math.....
There's a lot of math involved in this and I know my kids are going to love this.

I did not create this. I found this on a blog. It was made by Rachel Lynette, at Minds in Bloom, she gets all the credit.

The activity is available at her Teachers Pay Teachers store here. She has a lot of great stuff. Check her out!

I made it into a PowerPoint to create a rotation in my room. I put my elementary teacher spin on it because I love that stuff.

I asked permission, and Rachel is allowing me to share my version as well. I know it won't ever be 12/12/12 again, but maybe you need a great Christmas activity for your kids.

Click here or on the image to download the PowerPoint.

Middle school kids love this stuff too. Don't let anyone tell you differently. 

Also check out Laura Candler's 12-12-12  Race to Write 12 freebie! I think this could be fun too.

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