Friday, December 28, 2012

Anchors Away Linky Party

I found another SUPER blog and a GREAT Linky Party.

Sharing "Anchor Charts" from Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Earlier this year I sent my teachers an email and used the phrase "Anchor charts". I received several emails back asking what those were. I was kind of shocked and a little scared. But then thought, maybe its an elementary thing. I taught lower grades for 17 years, they speak a different language. :)

But they are ALL over my room! The difference I notice now is I don't make them with my students. If that was the case, I'd have 6 of the same chart since I teach the same thing six times a day.

What I do is note taking in their math journals and then I make posters and hang them. I also make PDFs of these and post them to my website for parents. This helps my students and parents have reference notes at home for homework and studying for major test.

The next most important I do is refer to my anchor charts DAILY!!!! The largest one I have is my brain dump. I have posted about this before. Click on here or on the picture for that post.

I made these for my website and then had posters made of them in my room.

We use this quarter anchor chart ALL THE TIME. My kids love money and they can relate to it well.

I do have the "handmade" charts as well in my room, but no pictures. Guess I need to get those taken when I get back from break.
I see the benefits of these types of charts in classrooms and I wish I saw more in middle schools. Students will use them and they will visualize them during testing times. They are meaningful. I am a firm believer in this.

Do you use Anchor Charts? How? I'd love to have more ideas.

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