Thursday, February 28, 2013

Measurement Fun

We are finishing our second unit on measurement. This topic is so big.

Our math consultant from our Region Center gave us a conversions project. Students have to choose a recipe, make the recipe for the class and complete 3 conversions. It's a very simple project.

Students are bringing in snacks galore. It has been so fun. They are pumped up. We have had cakes and cookies and today, coke floats! I teach a lot of kids, that is a lot of food! But they are loving it. I wish I would remember to take more pictures.
This was a cake brought in on Monday. She was so excited that she spelled out math. The kids loved it too.

Today, we had chicken salad in one class. I was sure the kids would hate it. Boy, was I wrong. They LOVED it and asked for seconds. There were peas in it people!!! Who knew sixth graders liked peas??!!! This was also my most challenging group of students. They were pretty well behaved too. I was pleasantly surprised by their behavior. This was the left overs.

We also completed a buddy measurementt activity from Mandy at Teaching with Simplicity. My students loved it. What I couldn't anticipate was how nice they were to each other. The activity is to find a buddy to do the measurement or conversions. I told them they could only go to each person once. I have large classes so this worked out well. When I said "go" they went off and they worked so hard. They said thank you, please can you do this, and just all around polite.  This activity also was short and my students had time to work on this and practice conversions as well. This is definitely a keeper for me!
It really helped my mood throughout the day because they had been rats the day before! 

 I needed to share this, because this week has been tough. But today seemed so much better and this close to Spring Break, I definitely need something to be happy about.

I hope to share more about the conversions project later and hopefully will have more pictures to share.


  1. That conversion project sounds like a lot of fun, especially the cake with the gummy bears! I can see why your kids were so well behaved. It seems like a really engaging project.

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  2. Was it a fun project? And how did it go?
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