Thursday, February 7, 2013

The 100th Day of School

Today was the 100th Day of School! I love this day. So many years in elementary will do that to ya. Middle schoolers, don't care.

My first grader did! Here's his 100 day shirt. It was a home project we had to do. It was so fun! (Of course, I love this kind of stuff though) He's got a goofy smile, but I just want to eat him up!

This was the project my students had to turn in today. It was 100 problems. They have had a month to complete them. It is a major grade.
Click on the picture for a copy

They were less than thrilled by this project. They thought it was hard. I offered tutoring twice a week to help. We had a few days in class for them to work on it. I had about 30 kids NOT turn it in. I teach 110 regular ed kids. It's only a 72% turn in rate. I was making phone calls like crazy. I was making kids calls their parents. They have been assigned Saturday School. I have a list of kids to be called by our translator. Their parents only speak Spanish. I was really feeling down about this today. The students had seen all these problems before. I copy and pasted them from tests, reviews and activities we did.

I even offered 10 extra points for early turn ins. I had about 10 students take me up on that.

I stand by the project though. It was a good, mathematical project. I will do it again. I refuse to be discouraged by this.

I am curious, does anyone else have these issues? If so, what do you do to motivate your students to turn work in.


  1. Yeah, we have that problem, too. We have ASP for kids who are habitual offenders. ASP is basically an after school study hall three days a week. To encourage students to turn things in on time, we randomly hand out checks to use in the school store. This year we started the No Late Work Club. I've blogged about that a few times. It works fairly well, but the same 20% fail to qualify each month. At least we can reward those kids who always do their work!

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. I use the No Homework Binder, but I think switching that to the No Late Homework would be cool. It brings the positive side of them actually doing their homework.
      Thanks for the idea!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am right there with you... RESPONSIBILITY.... I just don't think they get it. I feel like I need to gather all their parents and have a 6th grade meeting telling the parents not to believe their kids when they say they don't have homework.

    I know my kids know I have high expectations, and they know I hold their feet to the fire when they don't meet them. A lot of times they do the assignment, but not to their best efforts. I just use my No HMK Binder, take away recess, and keep modeling my expectations. I pray that they get it one day, but I am so scared that they wont take responsibility and then where will be in the next 10 years.... ugh. Don't get discouraged... your project was on target with their abilities with more than enough time to complete it. :) I'm right there with you :)