Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Foldables and Freebies

Linking up again with Stephanie from Fifth Grade Dugout for a Friday Foldable. 

These are matchbooks. I made this last year for my students to do the first week of school as we reviewed divisibility rules. Well, time was not my friend and they ended up gluing a sheet with the rules on it. BORING! 

This is not a hard foldable, but as a first or second one, it could get tricky. 
So, I made this: 

It may look confusing, but it's not, I promise. The only lines the students really need is the black ones. That line if for the "folded lip". 

Step 1 Fold the paper in half long way and cut apart (green line)

Step 2 Fold up to the black line. 

Step 3: Fold the paper into fourths (red line)

Step 4: Fold the top down into the "flap",  Cut apart. 

Viola! Match books! 

Since this will be one of our first foldables of the year, I will make copies with the black line. I won't do it again now that they have made a match book. I am not about wasting copies when they can just fold paper. It's about planning and time management for me. 

Click here to get the freebie.  

And one more thing.... Check out Holly's Blogiversary Giveaway going on at Fourth Grade Flipper! 

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  1. Love your foldable! I will be sharing it with my team again. You beat me to my own linky party post! It was so hard waking up after having a late night with the 4th. The Friday Foldable Fun #2 post is up and running finally so go link up there when you have a chance. Have a great weekend!

    Fifth Grade Dugout