Monday, July 1, 2013

Pink Slip from Summer School

Yep, I got one of these today. I have NEVER gotten one of these! I was let go from summer school with six more days left. 

I have decided to look at it like this: 
A pink dress instead of a pink slip. 

I am tired, physically tired. It has been a long month. I miss my kids, the ones I birthed. I miss my friends and our summer play dates. I was just saying how summer school is too long and wish it was ending this week. Well, I got my wish. 

I guess I will miss the extra money, but it was just that, extra. That is seriously the only bad part to being let go. I'll get a nice check in a few weeks for June and it will have been worth it. I won't get to do everything I was hoping with the extra money, but that's okay. This is why I haven't bought my new computer yet. Whew! 

And now, I won't be late for another Monday Made it. I will now have time to make stuff! 

There are so many positives, I just can't let it upset me. 


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  1. I think you should look at as a reprieve. The extra money is nice, but sometimes we just need the rest. I struggle with that concept myself:).

  2. Sounds like things are happening for the right reasons! Take that much needed rest and live it up!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane