Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My head is spinning

Okay, so you know the "to do" list we all have for summer? Mine just got all jacked up! 

I swear I get nothing from posting about this. I am just one happy girl who stumbled upon an incredible deal and want to share. 

I found LiveLoveMath's Blog recently. At first I didn't realize the gold mine I had stumbled upon. Then I saw a post about her entire store being up for sale. I have seen this a few other times and thought, are they crazy? But, for some reason I checked it out, well, I know the reason... it is a GREAT, no SUPER GREAT deal. 

Anyway, as I am looking at her products when I realize she teaches 6th and 7th Math and in TEXAS!!!! (I think my heart skipped a beat)

That's EXACTLY what I am teaching next year and I am IN TEXAS!!!  We didn't adopt the common core, even though honestly, what we are changing to next year is almost identical!!! We just have to be different I guess. 

Our state test is called the STAAR. It's fairly new and right now, nothing is out there to help us with it. 

She has task cards for each recording category!!!

She has games, task cards, vocabulary, foldables, everything I L-O-V-E!

Its a lot to buy at one time, but seriously, could I pass on this opportunity? 

Before bed, I kept thinking about it. I was day dreaming. My husband said, "Whatcha thinking about?" I couldn't tell him, he wouldn't get it. No offense to him, but he just doesn't have that 'husband of a teacher gene.' 

So, I slept on it. 

When I woke up, seriously, it is the first thing I thought about. Not sure why I even waited. I purchased it first thing in the morning. 

She was super fast and I got everything within minutes. I was waiting my computer like the Mervin's commercial. "open, open, open". I was just excited, I didn't expect it so soon. 

I have been exploring and I swear my head is spinning. The possibilities are endless!!!! 

I am planning my printing party over at Office Max and then I will be having my very own laminating party. 

I will also be purchasing task card holders. Those great dollar spot coupon holders from Target will be perfect!!!

Seriously... do you teach Math? Middle School? Not just Texas either. Her stuff is common core aligned too! 

Check her out. Her sale goes through July 31st. Click on the picture above or her blog name. I don't want you to miss out on this great resource!!! 

If I go missing for a few days you will know why. 

AND.... I printed my planner out today. I am THRILLED!!! Except, its so pretty, I don't want to write in it. 

I decided to keep it in a binder so I could include pages as the year we went on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!!!! Think I will save pictures for Monday Made It though! 
Here's the cover as a tease! 

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