Sunday, September 1, 2013

My First Week Back

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Last Sunday at a baseball game one of the parents had this shirt on:
I had to take a picture! My husband just rolled his eyes! Thankfully, I have known the man wearing it for years and he was okay with it.

Today's topic: the first week back

It was a GREAT week. Seriously, if this week is any indication, this week is going to be GREAT!

With my advanced kids, I actually did stations the fourth and fifth days of school! They went so smooth.

I set the ground rules with this poster. It's available here for free!
poster available for centers, stations or rotations
This is how I was able to get review in from fifth grade. I threw in place value with decimals and divisibility rules. They also made TWO foldables for their math notebooks and worked on their vocabulary for our upcoming unit. I was super pleased.
Working on "Numbers that are Important to Me" Cover page of their math notebooks. 


Place value task cards. (actually my best seller on TpT)

Divisibility Station (working on getting this in my store, soon, I hope!

In my regular math class, we worked on place value too. This lesson was created by the other two 6th grade math teachers at my school.
It was called Place Value Scramble. They made these cups for each pair. They were so fabulous to share with me. I only teach one section and when another teacher has a different prep, so she just shared her stuff with me!

I was the "caller". I pulled a number from one cup and a place value from the other.

We also incorporated some Kagan strategies with this activity. Students were paired up as A and B partners. The A partner wrote the numbers called in the correct place value spot and the B partner moved the cups around. They had to work together to check each others work.  Then, they switched.

This was a great activity for the first week. I am hoping to use it again, but add a decimal cup! 

As good as the week went (for a first week), it was very tiring. I am thankful for a three day weekend already. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I thought about you yesterday when I saw the score of the ATM and Rice game ;)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Hi! Your Math Centers poster is very colorful and well done! Thanks for posting it for others to use. I need to tell you that a lot is 2 words. So your title is a little wrong - but that's a good way to remember that a lot is 2 words, just like a little is!