Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite Teacher Giveaway

There have been a lot of great giveaways going on lately. So many milestones for our blogging community! 

I even won a new pencil sharpener in one. I am beyond thrilled!!! 

And now,  the newest one.... 

Susan from Middle School OCD and Erin from Miss Lifesaver are celebrating together.

Their giveaway has two parts. One is a scavenger hunt and everyone wins! It's all about our favorite teachers. They actually made us choose ONE! Can you believe the nerve? 

It was kind of hard, to be honest, I am not sure I had a favorite. I have memorable ones. High School English was pretty awesome. She was cooky, but memorable. 2nd grade was so sweet and nice. I loved her as an 8 year old. Plus, I thought it was neat when I moved away from that school and she actually lived in my neighborhood. I felt like a "cool kid". 

But, the one I chose was my 8th grade Math teacher, Mr. Simmons. He loved Math. He loved teaching Math. He was really good at it too. He was a HUGE man. I think he was like 6'6 at least. He had such a presence about him. He was very soft spoken, but man, oh man, you didn't want to make him mad. 
He liked me. I was the teacher's pet. I know, don't I sound haughty? But, I was and I knew it. The problem was, as an 8th grader, I took advantage of that. He assigned 20 word problems every single week, without fail. It was for a grade. I wasn't particularly good at math at this time. (ha! says the sixth grade math teacher) So, I decided to boycott the word problems. I just choose not to complete them. I am sure he warned me about my grade, but I was his favorite, so I knew he wouldn't fail me. Fast forward, end of 8th grade, time to try out for the drill team for high school. Grades had an impact... no pass no play, right? 
I failed 8th grade math for a six weeks, THE six weeks I HAD to pass to try out for the drill team!!! WHAT??!!! How could he? How could he fail his favorite student???!!! 

Yes, now I know how delusional I was back then. I failed myself. I didn't do the work and I failed! I missed being on drill team my freshman year in high school because I was L-A-Z-Y!!! 

I still loved Mr. Simmons though. I totally respect what he did because it was right. I am sure at the time I thought my world had ended, but of course, it didn't. 

I also remember the ONE poster he had hanging in his room. It read: "List of jobs you can do without Math". It was blank. We tried all year to add something. The funny thing is, my students do the same thing now! 

I have donated two products for this giveaway. 
The first is for elapsed time. Man, this is hard for kids, no matter the age. This one is part of the scavenger hunt. (everyone wins!!) 
Fall in Love with Elapsed Time

Secondly, I have donated my #1 selling product. My Place Value Task Cards. This is part of a grand prize giveaway. 
Place Value Task Cards

Be sure to click on over there and go enter and best of luck!!! 

All these great bloggers are involved! 

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Good Luck and enjoy hunting!

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  1. My favorite teacher was tough too! Funny how those are the lessons that stand the test of time:). Thank you for taking part in the celebration!

  2. I need to make one of those posters for ELA too! You know a teacher is good if he can fail you and still be on your good graces! Thanks for being a part of this with us!

  3. I love the idea of that blank poster! What a great visual for kids. Thank you for sharing about a tough teacher.

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. I love that you are a math teacher now and your memories of Mr. Simmons! I tell my kids all the time that they need math and will use it every day for the rest of their lives.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'