Monday, May 12, 2014

Mathematical Monday-Footloose

Joining I Heart Recess for Mathematical Monday. 

I have not been asked to evaluate this product or share this by the owner. I just have to share something that works and works really well!

Middle School Math Moments has a whole collection of Footloose activities for so many skills. I own all of the ones below. I love them. Better than that, my students love them

There are 30 cards, students are up and active and practicing the selected skill. 

Some of the activities come with problem solving sheets or just extra practice. They have been great as well. I have used them as homework to reinforce even more. 

This is how I make it work. 
I print the cards on colored card stock and laminate. (there are sets with colorful borders too) 

I place the cards on my white board tray. 

Students are allowed to get one card at a time. 

They go back and forth to their seat to work each problem. This keeps them moving.

I love how my students will "talk math" during this activity. 

Then, when they are finished, they grade their work.

I definitely love that, since I have so many students. 
I can even get the grades in the grade book by the end of class. It's awesome! 

I can literally place a chair in the center of my room and be there to facilitate. They are doing all the learning and most of the time all the teaching as well. 

It's FABULOUS!!!! 
I own the ones listed. I have used them all. They are wonderful! 

Footloose Math! 6th & 7th Grade Bundle

Fraction Operations Footloose and Problem Solving

Ratios and Proportions Footloose and Problem Solving

Algebraic Expressions Footloose (and extra practice!)

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  1. I love how you allow them to move, but in a controlled manner :) Great management tip!
    Thanks for linking up!