Thursday, May 22, 2014

The results are in!!!!!

We received our state scores this week. 

As a sixth grade teacher, I am THRILLED with the scores. 

Our grade level went up 19% from last year!! 
We had the highest scores in our Math department. 

We had a 79% passing rate. 
We have 273 students, 56 failed, many of those failed by one or two questions. We feel this is manageable.  

Personally, my passing rate was 90%. 

 I won't lie, it feels good. 
I went back and read my post from this time last year. It was sad. It was literally called, "Emotionally Drained". Having to tell kids they passed is so much more fun than telling them they failed.  (duh!) 

We had 14% commended rating. As the advanced Math teacher, it is expected. Last year there was only 6% commended. I am very pleased with this increase. 

It is just such a relief to have the scores back. 
We still have to wait for final numbers and our eighth grade retakes, but for now, 
we are enjoying the good news! 

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