Thursday, December 18, 2014

Giving Back

Have you been remembering to enjoy the iHeart Holiday Hop? There have been some fantastic sharing of giving back and some fantastic freebies as well. Remember, each day send you to that link. Each link opens on that calendar date! 
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I wanted to share with you how our middle school "gives back" here in our community. 

First of all., for those who don't know, I live and teach in a small community East of Austin, Texas. We have 1 high school, one middle school and three elementaries. We are low socioeconomic and primarily a Hispanic culture. I feel like we are very diverse. 

Each of our advisory classes is given a child from a local elementary to "adopt" for the holidays. They provide a wish list and our students try and fulfill those list.
The younger students are brought to our school one afternoon and we provide them with their gifts and a party celebration. Santa makes an appearance too. 

This was the scene in the cafeteria. Many of the parents of the chosen children came as well. They were so touched by the generosity of our students. 

Several of our advisories are small, so we do combine with other small advisories. That is my situation. My 10 kids partnered with another class of 10 and we provided for a little boy. 

Super yummy Christmas tree cupcakes! 

They even decorated to set the stage! 

Our little guy was six years old and very shy. (as expected) 
He received transformers and legos and was very excited. 

One parent was very generous and provided a bike for him! 
Sorry you can't see his H-U-G-E smile!!! 
Trust me, it was precious. 

The whole experience is really great and really good for our students. They know these kids. They are related to some of these kids. They are generous, they put other first. 
The showed what the holiday spirit is all about. 

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