Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reviewing with Task Cards- Cup Punch

This is the third activity in a series of three. 

If you are a Pinterest stalker, you have probably seen versions of these and other versions as well. 
Tissue PUNCH Game for Kids. This would be fun for music time as Primary Chorister. Can reuse this game over and over.   DIY Prize Punch... easy and inexpensive game for children's parties. (Uses dollar store supplies.)

I took this and created a cup punch with task cards. 

First, I sweet talked my husband to make me a holder. I showed him the pictures on Pinterest and he made this: 

I am super lucky!!!! Yes, he sanded it and glued it together! He is so professional. (I will add that with our crazy busy schedule of baseball, he was cutting circles and sanding at 10:00 at night two days before I needed this. He could have said no, but of course he didn't.) 

I copied task cards on colored paper for fun only. Folded and put in a cup. Since we used this during a carnival theme activity, my cups had numbers at the bottom for ticket prizes. 

Then I covered the cups with tissue paper and a rubber band and placed in the cup holder. 

Students punched  a cup and solved the card. If they got it correct, they received that number of tickets from the bottom of the cup. 

They LOVED it and had a blast! Plus, even though it required some prep time, it was a very easy and cheap activity to create. 

Needless to say, now that I have this nifty cup holder, I am planning to use this for various activities in my class. I think the possibilities are endless. But in all honesty, you don;t need a cup holder to complete this activity. 

There are a one and gazillion activities you can use with task cards. Okay, a gazillion? Well, maybe not that many,  but seriously, I feel the list for using task cards is endless. I am always looking for ideas and ways to change things up for my students. 

I hope these three have given you a few more tools for your toolbox. 

Happy Tasking! 

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  1. Do you have the dimensions of your wood board? I would greatly appreciate it because I have someone that mentioned they could make it for me only if I had dimensions.

    1. I measured it 22 x 18 (in inches) My husband fit 20 cups total. It oculd be made whatever size you wanted though.
      Good luck!