Friday, April 17, 2015

Reviewing with Task Cards- Game Boards

Sharing how I am using task cards to help my students review for our state. 
This is the second in a series of 3. 

Read about first activity here. (Left, Right, Answer Game) 

For this activity, once again, I was using task cards from Live Love Math 

I chose 6 different game boards that could be used any time. 
I actually had a student with a birthday on this day so I gave his table the balloon game, just for fun. 
He was  thrilled that I remembered. 

Each group had a set of cards, a die and a counter 
(we used a different unifex cube for each table member) 
Students worked out problems on scratch paper, 
but a task card recording sheet could be used to if a grade is needed. 

Students answered the cards and if they were correct, they rolled the die and moved that number of spaces on the board. I gave each group the answer key, yes, I GAVE them the answers. 
here's what's amazing about these kids, They made sure no one was cheating! The made their table members answer the question, then they checked them, then they let them know if they were correct or not. Seriously, setting the expectations from the beginning makes all the difference. 

What I love about using these game boards is that it is.... 

The students loved it and once again, had great practice with test taking questions. 

And yes, like always, my students were allowed to use their journals to review these concepts. 

You can get these boards and many more here
Game Boards Bundle

There will be one more in this series soon. 

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