Friday, July 20, 2012

Promethean Planet

I wouldn't call myself technology savvy, but I do try.

At my school we use Promethean Boards (white boards) and a program called Active Inspire. I can't say I know much about that in comparison to smart boards. What I have been told is we aren't compatible with "smart boards".

Well, one of the goals at our school this year to do more interactive learning. My principal asked our staff to attend some summer training on Active Inspire. I attended 3 days and they were both really productive. Its always a bonus when you attend a professional development that isn't a waste of time, especially during the summer.

We were introduced to Promethean Planet.

This site has a zillion (okay, may not that many) flip charts that are all ready made and ready to use. It's a start, a resource that I didn't know was out there last year.

We also learned to create interactive flip charts and it has been very fun to make those for the beginning of the year. I will admit, time consuming too. That is why Promethean Planet has come in handy. Not sure how I can share what I have made so far, when I figure that out, I will post those.

Maybe you can find something you can use from Promethean Planet.

Another site that I have used and love, is Janet's Interactive Site. She has created tons of interactive white board activities for all ages. My student's favorite was Bubble Burst. She has two, one for odd and even and one for prime and composite. They loved the competition. 

Happy Searching!


  1. I love my Promethean Board! Last year, my projector bulb went out, and I think my principal could hear me screaming all the way in the office. It was fixed by the end of the I did want you to know that you can import smart board files into ActivInspire. Look under the File>Import tab.

    I use Promethean Planet quite a bit as well. Thanks for the information about Janet's Interactive Site. I will be scooting over there momentarily! :-)

    If you have the funds, see if your principal would be willing to purchase the ActivExpression devices. Students can answer flipchart questions right from there seat - everyone is activly involved. I love mine!

    Love your site and will visit frequently. Your newest follower....:-)

    Surviving Sixth Grade

  2. I will check into that importing thing... thanks for that tip.

    I did learn about the devices as well, can't wait hunt those down on my campus!

    Thanks so much!