Monday, August 13, 2012

Multiple Choice Options

Making this my Monday Made It! I feel like I did a lot after getting back from Vegas late Wednesday, but not much is 100%. I need to get up to school and "finish" things up. That will happen this week. I have been working a lot on my math interactive notebook stuff, so I have been busy.

As we all know, we stalk, I mean look at blogs and scour Pinterest and find so many great ideas. For someone like me, I see it and adapt it to fit my needs. I don't ever want to take credit for being original if I am not.

I saw these sticks early in the summer. I like them, but I didn't get them made. I will keep that on the "I saw it on Pinterest and I'm gonna make it one day list".

Then I saw these multiple choice cards. They are cute, I like them. But, I teach middle school kids and cute is okay, but I needed to make them "less cute". Plus, multiple choice for my age doesn't just mean ABCD.

I made them 4 on a page because I just want to make two cuts after laminating. I also printed them back to back so my students wouldn't have as many choices to "flip" through. When I get them laminated and cut, they will go on a silver ring. Sorry, that part is not complete. Again, time to get back to school.

Click on the picture above to download the cards.


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  1. I love your sticks! Awesome! I am also one of your newest followers. I would love to have you come and enter my latest giveaway! You could win a laminator!