Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School and Goals MS Sunday Funday

This weeks topic: classroom pics and goals

My  room is incomplete but finally taking shape.
This is by the door and its my classroom management plan. I have posted about this here. 
This board will have responses students use instead of "I Don't Know".

This board has my problem solving "RULES" and will also have a place value chart that matches the griddables used on state assessments. 

Calendar area, notice the can on top. It was from Pinterest about making sure their name is on their paper. 

Here's my Brain Dump. I posted about this here. 
This corner houses many center type stations. The Math It Up is from Teacher on the Loose and its a free download. The posters above are ideas for what students should do when their work is complete.
This will be my word wall.
These green trays will hold papers for the week once I label them. The other shelves are storage for privacy folders, whole boards, etc...

This is my weekly post board. There will be separators and the days of the week. Below that is where I will store make up work. I am using Laura Candlers freebie from here.  Also notice the posters at the top. I have them posted everywhere. They are just little sayings and stuff I found online that
Reality, stuff is still everywhere.

Now for my goals:

START: Choice Centers/Stations Last year was my first in middle school after 17 years at the elementary level. We did some stations but not much. Because of class size we also had to do very structured and little movement with stations. This year I am planning to do more active stations and incorporate more independent and group work even if classes are large.

CONTINUE: I started Math notebooks in January of this past school year. I have learned so much more and extremely excited about making these notebooks more interactive and brain based research on this subjects.

STOP: Negative Consequences Our school is being PBIS in small steps. My plan for my classroom is to be proactive for behavior. I plan to give rewards for good behavior, homework, politeness, etc... anything I can "catch them being good". I have posted about both of these subjects here and here.
Now, off to continue working on that room in the last picture.


  1. Love your classroom and goals :)

    Send me an email at tsmsmorrison @ and I will send you that Math Boggle flipchart :)

  2. Your room looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing :)
    ☼ Kate
    To The Square Inch