Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Lists

I have just returned from vacation and my mind is racing.

First of all, Vegas was incredibly fun, so fun this is my husband and I now.

Okay, back to reality....
I have 3 days left of summer vacation. I have one day of training and then I am BACK!!!
So for me, it is time to PANIC!!!!!

This means the lists begin and I will make lists for my lists (I'm anal like that)
 I have laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, smothering my kids for the next 3 days...

Then, the school lists... oh my! Those are the ones that  freak me out.

I have not been up to school yet. Well, once, but that was only to have my hubby move my stuff from one room to another. We just left everything in one spot and I will have to tackle it next week.

I have done a lot this summer, but now I need to go through all that work and organize, organize, organize.

Being gone also has me behind on blog reading. So, I have to find time to stalk, read what every one's been doing. Of course, this leads to more panic because you people are productive!

Time to tackle the lists!!!

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  1. Hello! I am a fellow 6th grade teacher and stumbled upon your blog through Laura at Will Grade For Coffee's Awesome 6th Grade Blog link up! I am your newest follower and also a newbie to the blog world- I hope you will take a moment to come link up with my blog when you get the chance!
    Much luck in your new year in 6th grade math! :)