Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teacher Week- Where I teach & Swat Game

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I teach in TEXAS!!!
East of the "weird" place for those of you local. (Austin for those of you not)

I teach MIDDLE school and for an elementary teacher for 17 years, that is scary. When I meet people and they find out I teach sixth graders the response is always, "Oh wow! I could never.... " That was me.
Well, never say never people.

I am starting my second year and I am actually excited and looking forward to it.

My room is not 100%, but I have done more since I last posted pics.

I know this isn't many pictures, but click here and see more from my previous post.

Swat Game:

So how many of you have seen this on Pinterest?
I loved the idea of kids getting up and "swatting" the correct idea. I have been brainstorming ideas how to incorporate this right away.

 So, here's my generic version. Cute cutouts, laminated and I can add whatever skill I need. Our first may be prime and composite numbers.

The Vocabulary Smack is the same, but obviously for vocabulary. I teach ESL students and vocab is HUGE!!! So, I figured I can add words or definitions and we can play the game the same way. Plus I found these cute cut outs for less than a dollar at Wal-Mart and couldn't pass them up!



  1. Where near Austin do you teach? I'm from up in Leander and I miss it so much! Dallas is nice, but I really miss the scenery back home!

    Fifth Grade Dugout

    1. I live in Elgin, about 25 minutes East of Austin. I used to live in RR and my husband lived in Leander when we met. This area really is nice.

  2. I LOVE the swat game! We always called it matamosca...or flyswatter in English. The great thing is I have used it in preschool, elementary and in University! Super super fun! You can use it to review History too (have names of the presidents for example and describe them, "He outlawed slavery")

    I refuse to give clues too until my students are great for classroom management.