Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Math Geeks Unite! 
It's 3-14... National Pi Day!

I so wish we were in school for this day, but since we are not, my lucky 7 and 3 year old get to celebrate Pi Day with me. I did this last year too. They loved it, even though they had no idea what Pi is. You can check that out here.

1st: Apple Jacks for breakfast

 2nd: Mommy read them this book

3rd: We had circle sandwiches!

4th: I just purchased Miss Math Dork Pi package and I am getting it ready for Monday to use with my class. Click here to get your own.

5th: I ran 3.14 miles... my treadmill didn't show it though, so I have 3.17  :( I did this last year too and this year I ran much faster. That made me feel good!

6th: At 3:14 on the clock, we made circular bubbles. I am actually doing this with my students next week too. Luckily I found an art site that had how to color bubble solution and get the bubbles to show up. My boys loved this.

7th: This is on my wish list. I seriously want this. It was sold on March 6th. Wah!

Today is a fun way to celebrate Math.

Can't to see all the fun ways others celebrated this day!

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