Sunday, March 17, 2013

MS Sunday Funday- To grade or not to grade?

How I grade homework
  • Students are assigned homework three times a week on my class.
  • It is due the next day.
  • It s normally less than 7 problems.
After our warm up, we go over the homework.
  • Students who have no completed their homework, sign the No Homework Binder.
  • Students are deducted 5 points for each hw not returned and/or completed.
  • Students are expected to copy corrections on their unfinished paper. Those who not return it use notebook paper. No one gets away with just sitting in class.
If 3 homework assignments are not completed or returned, students call their parents and  are assigned Saturday school.
At the end of the grading period, students who have not signed the notebook, receive a free homework pass.
Why I give homework:
  • Students need more practice than I have time for in my 50 minute block
  • Students need to see as many problems as possible for mastery.
  • Their parents ask for it.
My system works, and I love it. All the credit goes to Leslie at Jack of All Trades for her inspiring No Homework Binder idea!

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