Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Coffee Talk

It's Friday after a very long week. This was my first day to sleep in since school got out last week.
I woke up at 6:30, thanks to my three year old, loaded the dishwasher, started a load of laundry and made this. It's the biggest coffee mug we have. My husband actually made it for me a few anniversaries ago. It took two K-cups.

I started summer school this week. It's a half day, but it is non stop. There are no breaks. I see three groups of kids from 7:40-12:00. Then I have lunch duty until 12:30.

After summer school, I have been driving back to my original school for curriculum writing. At least there, I get to sit.We work until 5:30.

Then I come home, pick up my family and go to baseball practice. I have been coming home between 8-9 every night.

It has been a very long week. Thankfully, that schedule is over. I only work half days from now on.

I did manage to make a freebie this week though. Monday was a planning day for summer school. Since I am working with teachers from all over our district we brought what we thought we would need to make this one month as smooth as possible. We discussed classroom management. I shared my Respect Rules and they all liked the idea so we made a set and all the fifth grade classrooms have them posted. It has helped for consistency, even during the summer.

I made several sets that are colorful. Since our whole town colors are purple, I made these FREE for today's link up with TBA. Other colors are available in my TpT store as well. I also made this FREE. It's a white set to be printed on colored card stock. This is actually how we made this for summer school.

Here's to half days! 


  1. Awesome signs for the classroom, thank you!

  2. I am making a VERY intentional effort this year to display the expected behaviors I have for my students. I wasn't too good at this last year. Respect is a huge thing in my school, so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing :)


    Shenanigans in 6th Grade Math

  3. Great signs! Now that is my kind of coffee mug! I hope you actually get to relax some soon!

    Eclectic Educating