Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tried it Tuesday- Padlet Wall

I was too busy to link yesterday to my normal Monday link ups, but I wrote most of this post last week, so thankfully it was ready for Tried It Tuesday with Fourth Grade Flipper.

It's Tuesday and I think I have something to share that may be new to a lot of folks.

Have you ever heard of www.padlet.com? This is what you see when you go to the website.

It's a "wall" on the Internet where you can share documents.

They give you a blank wall, you fill it up.

With what you ask?

Documents you want to share with others. When you click on the above sections on their website, there are easy to read instructions. I am a complete amateur to this site. I was introduced to it last  week during curriculum writing. I know, I have a lot to learn and right now I am only using it minimally.

Why did I start a wall?

My department has resources available to us that include CDs. The CDs aren't easily accessible though if we are working at home. We downloaded them and added them to our "wall" for easy access. Because these are copyrighted, our wall is password protected. We own the rights to them because we purchased the products. We can't share them with people not in our school.  I will say up front, the password will be changed periodically due to teacher turnover. It just protects all involved.

This is a sample of one of the Padlet walls we created last week. It has all the documents we wanted lined up on a "cork board." Anyone with access to  the wall, clicks on the document they want. The documents are PDFs

Here's a picture of the privacy options. I like that there are so many.

As I was typing this post, I created a wall. Just for fun. To show you how easy it to create one.

My wall is http://padlet.com/wall/HodgesHerald. If you click it, you will see a note, just for you. You will see different types of documents I shared.

What I like about it so far.
Since its new to me, I can only share about what I have used.
First, I like how easy it is to literally drag documents on to the wall. I literally open my documents folder and drag it to the wall. Then I title it and its done!

For our school resources, I love having the documents I need and not having to bring the book and or CD home to work. I have enough in my teacher bag everyday.

I like the multiple privacy options. I can have a private wall, a semi private and a public. I can allow multiple people rights to add to the wall, change, write notes, etc. I can have limits of just viewing my wall and making sure my documents are untouched.

I like that my department and I can have this wall for us to share among each other. We made our walls open to all grade levels.

What I don't like so far: 
There is a not a way to make folders on the wall. This can clutter the wall. We originally made a "math" wall and had to change it to three separate walls, one for each grade level in our school.

Also, I have a TpT store, so I can share free stuff there.
I have a Scribd account as well. I started that before opening my store.
So, do I need another place to keep documents?

Honestly, I don't know yet. I don't know enough about Padlet to give a good answer to that question. I know for the staff development that I have attended and used Padlet, it has been awesome to access to those documents.

Maybe this sparked some interest and you want to check it out.

If you have been using Padlet, I would love to hear if you think it is worth my time.


  1. That looks easier than Google Docs. At school, we have access to district and school level drives. That allows us to share grade level documents, and school business related ones. But the downside is that we can't access them outside of the school district, so no access at home. This looks like an easy way to share, thanks!

  2. With the National Writing Project we created a wall during a teacher demonstration lesson. She had us read a poem and then create a wall with name of poem, author, quotation from poem, etc. It was pretty cool!


  3. I've never used it as a document storage place (i use dropbox for that) but it is nice to know how easy it is. For me I think it's a great way to let kids add input about a topic. It is just like letting them add electronic post it notes.

    room 4 imagination

  4. This is great! When I started reading and I clicked on your "wall", I immediately thought of using at a place to store student directions or handouts for a project they are working on using the computer. This would be great for teams too. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Fourth Grade Flipper