Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tried It Tuesday- Signature picture

It's Tuesday evening... I am running late. But I gotta link up with my girl, Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper.

Today at summer school, our 5th graders took the state test for the third time! It was a long four plus hours!

Tomorrow is the Reading retake.

After that, I am hoping the remaining 10 days will be more "fun".

So, for my Tried It today, I created this little guy with my signature. It has been quite an ordeal. I wanted it to be simple.

The simplest tutorial I found was from Jessica over at Mrs. Stanford's class. I know I need to work on my graphic, but I have been messing with this concept for a few hours now as well as trying to make dinner, clean the kitchen and do a few loads of laundry.

Honestly, I am tired, but didn't want to miss one of my favorite linky parties!

So, for now... I tried it. We'll see if it stays!

Would love if you have suggestions to make it look better or how to make things easier.


  1. Ahhh...don't you just love it when you try something that you hope will be simple and it takes HOURS? Story of my life! We are just so stubborn that we keep working that long! lol. Awesome job though! I don't know how to make a signature and had a blog designer do it:) Good luck with summer school!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Oh, I love the little guy. :) Get some rest.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

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