Friday, December 20, 2013

Five for Friday- December 20th

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs!

YIPPEEEE!!! It's Friday and in about an hour, I will be on VACATION!!!!!
 Finally, right? 

Tuesday, I took my younger two boys to see Santa. This is the first year the youngest wasn't scared. They are so grown up! 

We received these cool hoodies from our principal and assistant principals. Too bad it's 68 degrees outside right now. Tomorrow's forecast is 34 degrees, so it will come in handy. 

I am such a procrastinator and last night was scrambling for a quick gift for my department. I ended up giving them a breakfast bag. I made muffins and included a K-cup for coffee. (we have a Keurig in our lounge). I wish I had thought of it sooner, I think those small creamers would have been cute in the bag. Oh well, this worked. 

Just a quick personal story here.  My third son, Hollister, is in 2nd grade. In kindergarten we learned he has significant hearing loss in one ear. We thought he was just quiet, in reality, he wasn't hearing so he didn't talk much. He has been slightly behind academically, but with some super teachers in 1st and now 2nd, he has finally fell in love with reading. He is currently in love with Mary Pope Osbourne's Magic Tree House series. I am beyond thrilled that he is so "into" reading now. Nightly reading last year was like pulling teeth and just so painful to endure as a parent. Now though, I can't get him nose out of a book! When I listen to him, I am just amazed about his fluency and how he attempts hard words. This was him at the grocery store yesterday. 

We also ended our Secret Santa here at school. Mine left me this cool Texas A&M bucket and glass with such yummy treats. I need a break from school to detox from all the sweets received. The background gifts are some of the sweetness my sixth graders gave me today as well. 

As I am sure all of you are, I am happy to have a break and relax with my family. 

Happy Holidays to you all! 

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  1. I need to detox from the sweets too. I feel like I have about 111 pounds of sugar in me right now! I love the hoodies idea. What a thoughtful gift! Love your gifts that you gave your department also. Merry Chirstmas, Elizabeth!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I was scrambling to make fudge and chocolate chip cookies last night! Next year, I am stealing your breakfast treat bag. So much healthier, and easier:) Your boys are adorable!

  3. Super cute picture with the boys and Santa. My daughter has no desire to sit or be anywhere near Santa.
    Love the hoodies!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun 

  4. That hoodie is awesome! I need one :)