Monday, December 23, 2013

Sparking Motivation: Adopt a Child Project

Tis the season for a heart warming story. 

I work in a Title 1 School, which means we have a very high free and reduced lunch population. We are not affluent and most of our parents are not educated and many are unemployed. We have a high number of homeless students (most live with family members) and we have a high transient population as well. 

Just an idea of some of the obstacles our kids face. 

Last year our Student Council sponsor decided our kids needed top help less fortunate kids in our district. Many of these kids are family members of our students. We have 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. 

She contacted the elementary schools and ask them for names of needy kids. She assigned each advisory class a student to "sponsor". The students chosen filled out their wish list and our middle school students either raised money or bought the gifts for their younger student. 

This was year two after a very successful year one. 

The elementary students were brought to our school the Friday before school was released and the advisory class that sponsored them, threw a Christmas party for them.  

Santa makes an appearance and its one of the few times our students get to have a party. 

I did not have an advisory class this semester, but I paired up with the theater arts teacher and was able to join in the celebration. 

Our students, who are normally  the beneficiary of things like this, pulled off 35 amazing Christmas celebrations for these kids. It was AWESOME! Truly what the season is about. 

 The students brought a lot of goodies for themselves and for their adopt a child. 
 I wish I could show you T's face. He smiled the whole time! It was really fun for him. 
One of the parents bought him a bike. He was told to look straight at me the whole time.
When he turned and saw the bike, he was truly shocked. It was amazing! 
 This was all his stuff that he took home. There were toys, but he also received a lot of clothes as well. 
No, no diapers, just a lot of clothes in there. 
 He was very shy and didn't want to eat, but enjoyed having a "to go" box made for him. 
 Imagine his face with a smile from ear to ear! 
I was able to see him afterward with the school staff that came with him. He had gotten in his bag and put on a new coat that he was given and he was showing it off to them. It was truly wonderful to see and be a part of something so special.

I am linking up with Joann for Sparking Student Motivation, because this special event truly motivated our whole school to look beyond their needs and focus on someone else for this season. 

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  1. I have chills just reading this. How very sweet and special for this little boy and all of the other students that were able to receive gifts this year. I am sure this is something that he and the others will remember for the rest of his life! Kudos!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'