Monday, July 20, 2015

Fun, Fun, Fun, Summertime Blog Hop

I am so excited to be participating in this summer time blog hop with a new "tribe" I joined recently. Teachers supporting teachers couldn't make me happier!!! 

Let's talk about beating the summer slide! 

I am returning to elementary this year after being in middle school for the past four.  The main reason I am doing this, is to be with my own kids. I have a child going into 4th grade and one starting kinder. We have never gone to school together and I am excited to do this now. 

So, my almost 4th grader still struggles with his multiplication facts. I'm not a great "teacher/mom" when it comes to making him practice, but there are a few things I have done with him this summer that I know is helping. He isn't thrilled by it, but he is doing them. I keep the practice short and sweet. 

We have been playing a cover game by finding unknowns in multiplication facts. 

 We have a set of cards. He pulls one card and answers it. If he is correct he gets to cover a number on the board. Once he gets six in a row, he wins!

My partner is my 5 year old. I help him with the facts and he covers my numbers! 

It's been fun and I have actually liked trying a new product out with my kiddos! 

This game can be found in my store. There are two versions, one for multiplication and one for division. And to save a little, a bundle is available as well. 

My second share with you, is a little different. Again, using my 9 year old as my guinea pig. I created an activity for my students to work on numbers. 
I wanted to see how they'd do, so I asked him to do one for me. Reluctantly, he did. 

I also wanted this to be FREE for you all. It's too long for a TpT freebie, but I made it free here. So, go grab it and have some fun getting this ready to use this year. It is super easy and printer friendly! 
Click the picture below to visit Teaching Autism for more fun shares! 

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  1. The game look lots of fun!! I'm sure it will benefit him!

    Teaching Autism

  2. It will be nice to be in the same school as your kids. Great ideas!! I also use my children to try out different ideas!!


  3. Love both games. I have the bundle in my cart for a purchase real soon.

  4. Great Games! I taught third grade for 11 years. Multiplication seems to be a hard concept for many third graders. Your son will be so glad he has mastered those facts when he starts doing 4th grade math concepts. Plus you have some wonderful resources to use in your classroom.

  5. Great games! I use my kids as guinea pigs too.