Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tried it Tuesday- Protecting Your Products

So the past few weeks have been crazy with social media. Unless you have taken a social media break, you know about the whole Periscope wave. 

I joined in. I learned that I am a better watcher than broadcaster though. It has been all consuming. I have had to force myself to take a break. 

But, I have learned quite a lot watching them. Plus, it has been fun "seeing" the faces behind so many blogs and stores. 

So, back to today's topic. 
I am linking up with one my favorite bloggers Holly, from Fourth Grade Flipper to share something I learned from watching Periscopes and then TRIED and now do with ALL my products! 

I was one of those under the false belief that saving products as a PDF protected my products and the clip art I used. 

I am happy to report that the clip art and templates I had been using were protected. They were put into my documents as jpeg's or png files so when saved as a PDF, they were locked. 
But, my content was not! 

Here's what I mean: 
Before securing my product

When you click on the template, it turns blue and you can't copy it. 

But, when you would highlight the words, you could then right mouse click and steal the content. 

I have said several times, I am a "Polly Anna" and wouldn't think people do that. But, I know they do, so we have to protect our hard work. 

This is how I do it a PC. 

I create my products in Power Point. 
I save that power point. That is where I do all my editing. 

Then, I save all slides as a png
I have learned that a png saves clearer, crisper pictures. 

Next, I begin a new power point and copy paste each slide into that power point. I save this one the same title but add png to the front of it. This way I keep the two power points distinguishable.

For my credits page, I add the original slide from the original power point. I do NOT want that slide in the form of a png because I want my hyperlinks active. 

The last thing I do is save it as a PDF. This will be the one I upload to TpT. 

Here's a recap from my Periscope I did on this subject: 

I feel like I should have known this, but thanks to Periscope, now I do. 
I have to thank Lindsey from Chalkboard Charm for her scope that taught me this process. 
Click here for another tutorial by The 3am Teacher on PCs as well. 

Before moving on, let me show you a screen shot of how I organize my products because that's a lot of documents for one product, right?
I have a folder for each product and its all about the saving and keeping it organized so I know what I need when I have to get back to that product for any reason. 

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! You rock! I'm also starting a gofundme for you to get a Mac...once you go Mac....you never go back! Lol
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Thanks for helping us PC users!

  3. I have been scratching my head around this topic for days...but I have a Mac. I have been saving my files as a secure PDF (round about way on a Mac by going to print and then save as secure PDF) but the hyperlink thing is a HUGE issue. I've recently downloaded Keynote and tried that but can't figure out how to make the PDF's still "secure". Ugh...I guess I'm going to have to invest in Adobe Pro. Sorry for the rant...lol! Thanks for linking up friend! I haven't tried Periscope yet. I'm a little scared to!
    Fourth Grade Flipper