Monday, January 20, 2014

A Really Large Number Line

This Monday is great! 
What a nice day off. 
Thank you Martin Luther King! 

This summer a discussion with Susan over at  Middle School OCD, led to teaching using a vertical number line. I think the idea of teaching a number line vertically just makes sense. I was all in! My thought was to print, laminate and hang it in my room. Then reality hit and it dawned on me that my room  does not have 12 foot ceilings. So, it has sat in a folder for the school year so far. Check out Susan's new and improved vertical number line here. Click here for student vertical numbers lines. 

As I was planning a lesson on positive and negative integers I really wanted a hands on activity. So, we moved our desks and threw this number line on the floor. Let me just point out, that changing the desk causes such a stir. They were either excited like it was a party or seriously confused because they weren't sure where to sit.

My students were the "counters" and we moved along the number line back and forth showing positive and negative addition and subtraction. 

My students loved it! I think they just liked the change of pace. 

We worked on that for a while. Sorry, no pictures of those big kids all over the line. I was teaching people! 

We completed the foldable I made last week. They actually liked the fill in the blank part. 

Earlier in the year we had included a vertical number line in our binder. I was sure to remind students of that resource. The ones who needed it, used it. Those who didn't, knew it was there. (what I love about math notebooks)

The next day we practiced using the rules for integers with task cards. I got this bundle from Amy Alvis.  It fit my needs PERFECTLY! 
Integer Task Cards Bundle - 144 task cards

I had them fold a piece of paper into eighths. Label the four operations, two on the front and two on the back. I gave each group four cards from each operation. They had to complete 16 cards total. I loved hearing the Math talk as they worked through their problems. And this was on a Friday! They rocked it! 

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  1. I wish I had you in middle school as one of my teachers! This is such a great visual! Thanks for linking up your Freebie...I love it!


    I {Heart} Recess

  2. Thanks for shout out! I had the same problem (but you handled way better:)! That is why I revised it recently. The new version is in the "300" Celebration Scavenger Hunt Giveaway folder. Since you so graciously helped us out, one is zipping through the Internet towards you. Plus, the student size number lines:).

  3. Ehrmagehrd! I love the flippable that you created with my templates! Seriously some GOOD information there!

    I think vertical number lines are SO important to teach because it helps students related to positive and negative numbers so well.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  4. Do you have a link to the fill-in foldable that you have shown above?


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