Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday FREEBIE- 1st of 2014

To follow through with  my New Year's Blogging Resolution, I have a FREEBIE for you! I haven't linked up for a while at TBA, but I am today. Starting out the right way for the first Friday of 2014.

Do you celebrate the 100th day of school? 17 years in elementary school, I did! It was one of my favorite days. 

Middle School is so different. Last year though, I had to do something. I tried a project. It was an at home project. Students were given 100 problems to solve. They were given an entire six weeks to complete it. 

There were a lot of positive to it. The students had seen all the problems before. They were from previous tests they had taken. I even had a section of vocabulary. 

It was a lot and the projects weren't very nice when they were returned. Then, they really needed to be graded. I was not going to grade 100 problems for all 100+ students I had. 

I made a key, copied it and students graded each others projects. That worked. I will do that again. 

This year, my team does not want to do it, I do.  We are required to do the same if we teach the same prep. I am the only advanced teacher for 6th grade though. I teach only one section of regular 6th grade math. So, I adapted it for my advanced classes only. Parents of advanced students want this kind of thing!  

So, here's a new version:
100th Day Project 

I am excited because its ready early! They are getting it when they return on Tuesday. I made one huge change to manage the procrastinators. They have a mid way checkpoint where 50 problems have to be completed. I am giving a grade for it as well. Yes, my students will still have regular homework this six weeks. This project is a test grade. I know my kids, they can do this! 

There are a ton of skills included. We taught a lot of skills the first semester. The project includes, fractions, GCF, LCM, prime factorization, ratios, measurement conversions, percents, decimals, computation, and many word problems. 

I also created a new activity for our upcoming Algebraic Expressions unit. I am excited about this as well because it gives several options to how you use it in your class. You can choose task cards, a game board, matching cards, go fish, and even a worksheet. It's my first product of 2014. 
Algebraic Expressions Match 

and.... don't forget about Holly and Joanne's great giveaway going on. It's Day 2, new day, new prize and another opportunity to enter for their grand prizes! 

Happy Friday!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Elizabeth! I can't wait to use this with my 5th graders to get ready for the 100th day!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'