Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Blogging Resolutions

Diane over at Fifth in the Middle is having a New Years Resolution for blogging linky. Thought I'd join in on the fun and make a commitment to keep improving my blog. 

I love getting comments. I know, everyone does. I sometimes read blogs on my iPhone or iPad and leaving comments and responding to them aren't as easy for me on those devices. I always think, "I'll go back and reply." Of course, I never do. 
For comments left on my posts, I have struggled with replying to the comment on the post or the email I receive. I just do the email, I figure the person that replied will get that and may not see a reply on the post. I just need to get better at replying. 

I take most pictures with my iPhone. It isn't great, but it is easy. I always have my camera with me though, so I don't have a good excuse for not using it versus my phone. So, its my goal. 

When I first started blogging, everything I did was FREE. I hadn't ventured into TpT as a seller. I hated spending money on school stuff. I pretty much never would. I think after spending so much time and effort on creating products though, it seemed like the next step. The things I have purchased have been quality and I use them all. I know how much work is involved in creating these things, so I get it. Saying that though, I want to include more free products because we are teachers, and I get that no one really enjoys spending too much on things for our classrooms. We do that enough. 

How about you? Thinking about venturing into a seller on TpT? Linky Parties? Giveaways? Link up and share, put it out there. It's always helps me stay on target. 

Also, Erin at Learning to be Awesome is having a big giveaway that I am part of. Head over and check it out! 

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  1. I decided to never read posts on my phone just because the Bloglovin' app won't let me comment! How frustrating!! What's the point of the app if it doesn't work?! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I tried leaving you a comment last night on my phone or ipad...I can't remember which one and it kicked me out. Same thing as Diane. I went back and marked your post as unread so I could come back and read it on a computer. :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I still struggle with the idea of selling products, which is why one of my goals is to give away more freebies too. I think it's good to offer parts of bigger packs as freebies for those who maybe can't spend the money too!