Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday, after a long first week back

It's been a long four day week with kids. We started off the week in the 20's. I know, not cold for some of you, but here in Central Texas, it is! Today though, it 63 and tomorrow we are predicted to be in the 70's. Don't hate too much, we will be cold again next week. This is how we live in Texas.... up and down... hour to hour... 

This is not a weather blog, so let me move on. 

It's FRIDAY!!!!! Here's my 5 for the week!!!! 


Along with the warmer temperature, we have rain, and I mean a lot of rain. This is what I wore to school this morning.
 I love them and don't get to wear them often so I didn't mind. 

This week I am continuing probability with my advanced students and starting it with my regular students. I love this unit because it is fun. Cards, dice, spinner, you can't go wrong. I loved all the resources I had available to me as well. 
We made this foldable in my advanced classes. 

We made this foldable in my regular class. I used the FREE Hot Chocolate Math I got from here

My classes used Twister Probability I found last year from Middle School Survival Guide to determine if the game is fair or not. Just a great fun, relaxing Friday activity. I gave them a Twister board to use, but some of them wanted to spin the one they colored on their paper. 

It has been a bit of fruit basket turn over round here as well. In middle and high school, schedules change at semester. I am a year long class though. I have the same students since I am the only advanced teacher for sixth grade, but the make up of my classes has changed drastically. I am not really complaining about this because they are more evenly divided now. But, what they looked like on Tuesday is not how they look today. The changes have been non stop. I am ready for it to end though. I still write names in a grade book and then input them in the computer. (old habits are hard to break) But I don't want to write the names down until I am sure they won't change. I hate when the names are not in order of the computer grade book. When I do enter them, I like to go down the line. When a new kids comes in or someone leaves, I get discombobulated. Wow, that was a rant, wasn't it. Sorry. 

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  1. It was been very wet here too, but at least it warmed up, so I'm not complaining. I'll take 60's over 20's any day of the week! Happy weekend, Elizabeth!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun math activities this week. I love your boots. At least you have a bright side to the rain!

    Fit to be Fourth