Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tried it Tuesday- Modeling Expressions

Thanks to an ice day, I am writing my Tried it Tuesday on a Wednesday. I had to take pictures of our work before posting.

We are working on algebraic expressions. I have found this is hard to teach in the past. I am loving it this year though. 

I found this great resource from For the Love of Teaching Math. We completed it and it was wonderful! Lots of hands on and paper cutting and gluing. It was like elementary school all over. Throw some bright colored paper in and they think they are in art class!

I will admit I did it a little out of order for my advanced students. I didn't have it when I began the unit and noticed when I taught it with my regular kids, it just made more sense. 

This is a keeper for sure! 

And don't forget about that HUGE giveaway going on with Miss Math Dork!!! 

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