Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Tried It- Editing a Foldable

Today's Tried it Tuesday for me is using a template to create a foldable. 

I do a lot of foldables. Most of mine are student made though. I make them fold the paper, I make them write everything out. No particular reason, I have just always done it that way. Also, let me note that I see nothing wrong with this way. 

This year has a been a little different. The more great finds I gather from TpT, the "nicer" our foldables have become. I have made some, and some I have bought. 
An example of one I have made on my own. 

During one of the amazing sales on TpT, I bought a huge foldable packet from 4mula Fun. She's a master at foldables and templates and all things Interactive Notebooks. 
Flippable Template Pack for Personal Use (PDF and Editable)

This weekend I was considering the foldable I want my class to make for integer operations. I found one we have done lots, I wrote it out, it was fine. Then I remembered these templates I purchased and looked through them. 
When I bought them, it came with a PDF version AND a Publisher version so I could create foldables to meet my needs. 

So, I did! I created an 8 flip foldable for integers this week. 

I still want my kids to write out the rules and examples though. But, I made some of it fill in the blank. As far as the rules, I typed them all in because I want to make sure they don't get confused. I start saying "positive times a positives and negative times a negative equals a positive" and they are liable to have all kinds of things for the rules. 

I copied them on fun bright paper because its just cool. 

We are making these Thursday or Friday... we'll see how it goes over! 

Now that I look at this, we won't write the "x" for multiplication. Now that we are using variables, we will use the "dot" and parenthesis only. You just can't see those symbols. 

Join in the fun and link up with Holly for Tried It Tuesday. 

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  1. Isn't that an amazing foldable pack! What a great deal! Your foldable looks great!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I LOVE that foldable pack. Another good one is Lovin Lit's HUGE pack. It's super cheap, too :)

  3. Everyone doing foldables amaze me. I really need to do more. I think I will go through some of the packs I have bought and really sit down and work with them next Tuesday when we have a teacher work day. Maybe I'll be able to get a grip on them then!
    Love all of your samples!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I need to take the time to get out some of the foldables I have invested in from TPT. I really like using them but could do a better job. Thanks for the inspiration! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. I have Lovin' Lit's foldable pack, but this one is new to me. Thank you. Your foldables look awesome!

    Fit to be Fourth