Friday, April 19, 2013

5 for Friday

This has been such a depressing week. So much sadness in our world. I am a runner (sort of) and I feel connected even though I have only done a few half marathons. I live in Texas, only 102 miles from West.
Thankful for something light hearted.

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs for FIVE for Friday!

From home:
My little man scored his first in the park home run last weekend! He also scored a goal in soccer. He was on fire!

My husband made two cakes last weekend as well. He is so talented, I have to brag!
This was cake number 1:

This was cake number 2:

From school:

We are THREE days away from our state test and I want to vomit. Too graphic? I am trying so hard to not get an ulcer. I work at a school that is in Stage 5 with the state. What does that mean? We have to do well!!! Last year, we met expectations in Math, but we have to do it again. These are the things that make me wonder why I left elementary!  But, we have prepared, and now its up to the students to do their part. This week, we continued reviewing. This is included homework and activities in class.


I reached 100+ followers this week on my blog. It was pretty exciting. I am having a sale that ends today if you'd like to check it out! (I don't have much, but I have as much free stuff as paid right now)

FIVE: QR Codes
This was my first experience using these in class. I LOVE THEM!!! The kids were motivated to complete their conversions so they could check their work. I will definitely be using these again!
I also learned how to make QR codes here. They seem easy enough and I am planning on making some this weekend.


  1. Wow! Your husband's cakes look fantastic! Does he do that for a living or is it just a hobby? Congratulations to your little man too!

    Eclectic Educating

    1. Just a hobby.
      Thanks for your sweet comments

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