Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tried It- Proof read your lessons...

It's Tuesday, so its time for Tried it Tuesday with Fourth Grade Flipper.

I created a lesson for review this week. I wanted to have a "hands-on" activity for comparing and ordering numbers on a number line.

Students would be identifying benchmark fractions to help them. This is so important. 1/2 = .50, 1/4= .25. They need t o have these memorized. They would need to convert a few, but that is good practice too. For example, 3/5= .60 They do this by dividing.

I gave their groups 7 problems, their recording sheet was the number lines.

First period found an error. No problem, we fixed it.

3rd period found another error. Fixed again.

I posted it in my store yesterday, with the errors. Ugh, I hate that!!

I reloaded it twice already! Ha! I hope its right now.

The activity was good. Students are reviewing a lot of math they need to know. They are cooperative working. There's a lot of math talk going on.

Click here for this activity!

What I learned? Proof, and then proof again!!!


  1. This looks like a great activity! Having taught 6th grade math for 8 years, I know how difficult this concept is. Don't you hate having to go back and keep fixing errors? I know the feeling!! Thanks for linking up:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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