Sunday, April 7, 2013

Test Prep

Teaching Is A Gift is having a Linky party for test prep.
Test Prep Linky Party

This is my life right now. We are TEN school days away from the state test and  honestly, I am freaking out!

The next two weeks are all review. I am trying to review everything, which is impossible, I know. I am also trying to keep away from worksheets and boring myself and my students to death.

I created two activities for this week. One is comparing and ordering rational numbers on a number line. I am hoping my students will really practice changing fractions and remembering all the different things we have done with them all year.

The other is a equivalent fractions activity. I made it like a card game. There is so much math I want to recall in it. I am hoping to "trick" my students into enjoying converting fractions.

Be sure to check out all the great links, there are a lot and for every subject!

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