Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Freebie- First Day Seating Cards

It's Friday, time for a FREEBIE! 

Last year, I threw these together the night before the first day. I revamped them this summer because they were BORING! 

I have seen  these from several people and mine are pretty much the same thing. Some of my cards are very easy for 6th graders, but I want it that way. 

The idea behind these cards to have the students come in, find a seat, sit and begin the assignment I will have on the board. As they enter my room, I am required to be outside in the hallway to greet and of course monitor the hallway. 

Last year, I learned a lot with these cards. First, I learned that in the summer, students forget what prime numbers are. I also learned that some of them need paper to work simple math problems. It's an extremely informal assessment. For me, I want my students in a seat and working on creating a name plate for the day so I can begin learning their names. (I will see over 100 students a day and I want to learn names fast). 

Plus, there's so much to do the first day, I don't want this activity taking the entire class period. 

Middle School OCD posted yesterday about using playing cards as students enter the class. I love this idea and I plan on using what she did later in the week. I will have seating charts by the second week, so both of these activities will work that first week of school. 

Maybe you can use it. Click here for the FREEBIE

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  1. GREAT activity! I'm passing this on to the sixth grade Math teacher. She might like to use this with my kiddos. THANKS for sharing!

  2. Love the cards! Those are something I can try with my boos later in the year. Thank you! You have more energy than me this week:). People shared some great ideas in yesterday!

  3. Thanks for another great idea! I also appreciate the blank cards so I can get all 31 kids seated in my biggest class.

  4. I'm totally behind the ball in preparation for our first day of school tomorrow. While searching through my blog feed for inspiration, I came across this activity and fell in love! Totally am using it with my students tomorrow!

    Have a great year!