Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It and Teacher Week Blog Hop

Monday Made It started posting on Sunday! Hmm... this is when I was working on my projects. Yes, I procrastinated this week, kind of. I did make paper stuff last week. I made a few free products and a paid product for my TpT store.

The craft stuff: 
These are my ticket buckets from last year.
 They needed an update to match my polka dot theme.

I found these for my pencils. They were ugly brass color, so I painted them and made labels. 

I had this ugly file container. I used the awesome peanut butter trick to take the yuck off and painted it as well. Now it is acceptable and I will attach a front cover later. 
After peanut butter trick to get sticky off. 
After: It's ready for a label.
I finally made my teacher gifts for my department. This idea came from Joanne over at Head Over Heels for Teaching. 

My two youngest did a craft this week too. They have watched me all summer make stuff and finally were able to get in on the action. 

I have to admit, we have had these lockers for years. They were a gift for my two older boys when my third was born. He is 7 1/2 now! Can't believe we have hung onto them this long.

Thanks again to Tara for hosting this awesome linky and keeping us all crafty! It is now going to once a month, the 2nd Monday now. I look forward to this linky every month! 

And now I am off to  my classroom. I have two and a half days left until I actually "report" to work. And of course, I am spending it in my room getting ready! 

And because I am procrastinating again...

Today's topic is:

I love talking about me, so here goes!

1. I am about to begin my 20th year of teaching. I am not sure how that happened though, I am much too young to have been teaching this many years. 

2. I live in a house full of boys... five to be exact. One is my husband. The other four are 21, 16, 7 and 3. My life is never boring!

3. I bleed maroon. My high school colors were maroon and white and my college was too. I am a die hard TEXAS AGGIE!!! 

4. We are a divided house though. My husband is a Texas Longhorn. It keeps it interesting for sure.  (For you non- Texas folk, they are the state rivals. Even now that they are in different conferences, its still a rivalry in this house) 

5. I love to dance. I think I am pretty good at it. But, in reality I am not. Mostly, I just try and do my Zumba moves. At 42, I am just having fun! 

6. I have run two half marathons because I am only half crazy! 

7. I loathe washing dishes. 

8. My classroom is always cleaner than my house. 

9. I love, love, love to sleep and can sleep anywhere at anytime. 

10. I love spicy food. 

Could I have been more random? 

Now, I really must get to my classroom and get to work! 

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  1. I somehow missed the peanut butter trick the first time around, so thanks for reposting! I love all of your matching cans now. Where did you get them?
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans