Thursday, August 8, 2013

Throw Back Thursday- Math Clock

This is my first throw back Thursday. This is hosted by the First Grade Parade

Here's one of my first posts. It was my first Monday Made It. This clock rocks!!!

Originally posted July 23, 2102

I have waited all week for this link party with 4th Grade Frolic! So excited...

I saw these clocks on Pinterest in May.

So, I made these for presents at the end of the school year.

Then, I saw this clock at Target. Perfect for my middle school math classroom.

It wasn't crazy $$, I think $20-$25, but I just knew I could make it for less.

So, I did!

The clock cost me $3.97. I had the chalkboard paint (this cost $7.99, but I use it for lots of projects!) and chalk (bought mine for $1) from another DIY project and we always have batteries around here with four boys and their toys.

Take the clock apart carefully. Spray paint it with chalkboard paint. I followed he wait time on the can, 24 hours.
Write numbers and or equations for the numbers. Since my clock was smaller, I had to adjust my numbers. I still love it though!

I heart chalkboard paint very much! 

And now, I have a great MATH clock for my classroom this year. The glare made it hard to take a picture, sorry.

The cost was $13 if I never use the chalkboard paint again. Oh wait, too late, I already have... maybe I can share that on another Monday Made  it day!

Present day:
Hope you enjoyed a look back at one of my very first posts!

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  1. Chalkboard paint! My friend did it by cutting out a matching circle, but I like the paint idea better:)

  2. Great job! I love the clock