Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tried It Tuesday- Revolution

My Tuesday Tried It with Holly is not going to be school related, sorry. 

But I wanted to share with you what I am trying. 

I am waking up at 5am and working out BEFORE school!!! I have completed two days. Yes, I am tired, but I am glad I have done it. I feel so "accomplished" even before I get to work. 

Jillian is kicking my B-U-T-T! But, I am motivated to continue. Plus, if I tell you I am doing it, I will have to keep it up! 

Do you wake up early for workouts? 

How do you fit it all in? I really am curious.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you go girl!! A friend and I tried one of Jillian's 30 day shred workouts and I was sore ALL WEEK LONG! Haha. Do you find yourself getting in bed earlier? Just curious--still trying to figure out a good workout schedule.

    I'm proud of you, Elizabeth! Keep it up!!
    Little Miss Primary

  2. You are inspiring me...I really need to get up and workout before school, but I just can't seem to do it! I'm cutting myself a little slack since today was the first day of school but I need to find a routine ASAP!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  3. From time to time I do, and I actually workout better in the morning. Last week, a friend and colleague talked me into joining a group at the YMCA. We have one small group training session on Monday, and go as a group to 3 other workouts a week. The trainers are great and the other women are really nice. I am really enjoying it, but the after school workouts are killing me.

  4. Good for you! I usually do get up around 5 and work out before school, but these first two days of school I haven't. I like working out after school, because I feel better (and because it prevents me from snacking!), but things come up so often that I lose that after-school time (lost it yesterday already). So, I'll be getting up early more often than not. Jillian is tough - keep it up!

  5. GO Girl! I get up at 5 to get around myself and three kids :) I do workout right after school, which gives me a second boost of energy :)


  6. I think I need to start working out in the middle of the night because that is when I get most everything done! LOL! I'm proud of you!!!!!!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. Out of the workout videos I have tried, I have used Jillian the most! She really kicks your butt and I like her personality. I think that is amazing that you wake up so early!! When I try working out early, I find myself yawning (especially if I am alone), so I am more of a night gal:) That is so cool that we both posted about exercising! Thanks for linking up and keep up the awesome work!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper