Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tech Tips- The Teacher's Chair Linky

I have been participating in The Teacher's Chair Link all week. Today is Tech Tips: 
The Teacher's Chair
This is not my forte at all. I use technology in the classroom, but I am not a guru on this. We use Activinspire on my campus with our Promethean Boards. I have shared this link before, Promethean Planet is amazing! Tons of flipcharts to use already made by teachers. 

I use flipcharts everyday in my classroom. Students learn really fast that everything they need to know for the day is on that board as they walk in. 

It tells them what to do, where to get it and when to get it done. This way, while I am greeting students at the door and being "present" in the hallway, they aren't running around in the classroom. 
here's an example: 

The other piece of technology I use daily in my room is online timers. It is FREE also from  My students love when I assign something and use the timers. This keeps them for talking and slacking off because they can visual see how much time they have to complete something. 

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